A visit to Post Family

If there is one thing I have learned at Firebelly U, it is the importance of community. Spending time with Sam Rosen only further exemplifies the benefits of having good people around you. Though he is a serial entrepreneur and always embarking on a new, inspiring project, the consistent element in all his projects is the strong and supportive community he is surrounded by. There is no shortage of interesting things to talk about when it comes to Sam, he is the founder of One Design Company, runs Chicago’s coworking space the COOP, built the coworking management tool Desktime and is a founding member of Post Family, among countless other things. Of all these though, the thing I am most inspired and impressed by is his involvement in Post Family (and so, as the author of this post, I am making the executive decision to talk mostly about that).
Each time I visit the Post Family space, it is arranged differently. Which is really impressive because the tables look quite heavy. But the “family” is always up to something new and the space needs to reflect that. And really, Post Family was established to be a catch all and adaptable creative space, so it fits. Here’s how it came to be: In 2007 Sam, along with Rod Hunting, Chad Kouri, David Sieren, Davey Sommers, Alex Fuller, and Scott Thomas established Post Family so they could work on whatever projects they wanted. Letterpress, screen printing, digital, music, woodcutting, whatever. The goal wasn’t to make money, or to get famous. The goal was to pursue projects and ideas that interested them, and do it with interesting, talented people. Though some of them hardly knew each other when they started the collective, it is obvious they have become as tight-knit a group as their name suggests.
I think the idea of creating a space where anything goes with a group of friends is really attractive to creatives right now. There are coworking spaces popping up everywhere (did I mention Sam runs the COOP?), and creatives are setting out on their own left and right (like the Firebelly U Fellows, for example). The thing that most coworking spaces don’t have though, that Post Family does, is the element of community. Each of the members of Post Family genuinely care for each other and are invested in each other. The phrase “success breeds success” comes to mind when looking at all the things they have accomplished both together and individually.
Everything about Post Family is seeped in community. And for that reason, I not-so-secretly wish they were taking applications for their family (Looking for a little sister, Post Family?!) In all seriousness, though, having a group of friends, family or coworkers that support you makes a huge difference. Whether you establish your own collective, like Sam did, or just have a group of quality friends you can turn to, make sure you nurture those relationships. It’s the people that make this place worth living in.
Okay, so I warned you, this post was really about Post Family. But, Sam does a lot of really amazing things. And you should take it upon yourself to learn more about him & the projects he is working on at his personal websitePost FamilyOne Design Company, and the Coop. Also be sure to check out Desktime and come to their upcoming show, Manual Labor.