Firebelly U: Brand Presentations

The brand tank presentation was a lot of fun. I felt like I had a much better idea of what I wanted to say and that made it a lot easier to present. In fact, maybe too easy, since my entire presentation was basically one run-on sentence. I will definitely remember to take a few deep breaths before (and during) my next presentation.

The most important thing I learned:  Iapparentlytalkwithnopunctuationdoyoufeellikeyouarefallingoffofacliff?

As always, the feedback was really helpful. It was nice to get some branding feedback; despite the fact that we are all designers, the designs of our actual businesses came secondary to our business plans and objectives. But the brand really is an important part of the business and I was happy to hear their feedback. I am excited to see how Made By We grows over time and changes. Based on just the last few weeks I imagine there are still some growing pains to come… but it’s worth it!

Thanks so much to everyone on the brand panel, I had an amazing time!